oliver with carrot

You know, before the year of (over) exposure "be forgot and never brought to mind", I have really wanted to share a project I was involved in for the extremely talented photographer (and extremely gorgeous and creative burlesque dancer) Lauren Crow. I have strong feelings for this young lady. I wish she were my daughter, for one. She turned out so well! And I love to live vicariously through her art school life, here in San Francisco. She's one of these folks you can tell that everything she touches will turn to gold.

In December, Lauren shot photos of me and some other burlesque friends for her "Double Lives of Dance" ezine project. We were shot at our place of work, but in our burlesque outfits. My work these days is taking care of the kids, so we did the shoot here, at home. I could've set up all my architecture gear, but right now the flat files that are normally the home base for my work are being used as a changing table! She took photos of Oliver and I doing all sorts of things around the house, and we visited and shot photos for several hours. It was a great experience. Click here, if you dare, to see a great sampling of her photography projects.

I realize now I could've worn something much more demure, but I ran home from dropping Stella off at school that morning with pin curls in my hair and didn't take a lot of time to plan out what I would wear. After I saw some of the photos of my colleagues I thought "why didn't I get the memo we weren't doing the Full Monty?". Totally could've done this more covered up, but I love the photos anyway.

Will these photos send Oliver to therapy when he's older? I think not. This guy is still nursing four or five LONG sessions a day. He's seen it all. And, I don't know, I think I'd be kind of impressed if I found shots like this of my mother when I was older. I'll definitely be keeping them from Stella for the time being. But they are truly innocent and interesting, and Lauren's perspective and vision is very unique. I was proud to be part of the project, something I never would've considered doing only one year ago. 


  1. This is insanely neat! Good for you! I feel empowered, strong and all-out cool after reading this and checking out the pictures. Rock on!

    And looking forward to catching up in here.

  2. They're daring, of course, but lovely too. What a wonderful souvenir for you to keep. You can look back at the pictures years from now and say "damn, I really rocked!" ;)

  3. I love her! So talented and wise beyond her years. Wonderful pics Tiff! I like how she makes all the pictures appear to be taken years ago, that great vintage feel which to me is also very reminiscent of San Fran.

  4. Aaa! I love the photos! I like that you were the most "out there"!

    BTW, I nursed mine a long time - my second was almost 3, I think!!!

  5. Thank you for all your support, ladies! I wasn't sure how this was going to be received. My mother emails me after almost every post (Mom, why don't you comment here!), and I never heard one after this one! Although she has been very supportive about all the dancing stuff.

    Lauren (the photographer) is one to watch. Part of me even did it for that reason, that someday I might be part of her "early body of work". A great opportunity. And you know next year I'll be looking back and saying "I looked so good back then!". I hate that part of our psyches!


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