what i (we): bright dress

what i: 

Last weekend we attended a lovely joint birthday party at their home in Berkeley for our friends Eric (happy 40th!) and Lucian (happy 6th!). I had David shoot a few photos of us before we left. 

You know, this dress doesn't fit quite right yet, but it got a LOT of complements. Chicks can't resist colors and a pattern like this. The kids are so adorable in these photos. Stella is just so beautiful. And Oliver so obviously a punk.

I am just putting it all out there this year, aren't I? When I get that rare shower I feel uncharacteristically photogenic. Gotta roll with that.


  1. I adore this dress....I am totally a sucker for patterns and bright colors. AND it fits great!

  2. Thank you, Shawna! You should see the back, it's like a scarf tied in the back with a diamond shaped opening right above the waistline. That's the part I am to shy to show, but I love it. Thank you for commenting! xoxo!


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