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When you are cold and windblown, your Labor Day menu veers away from barbeques and salads and watermelons and toward comfort. We did the comfort food thing all weekend. Four pounds of fresh CSA heirloom tomatoes look sunny and summery, right? Cooked down into a warm, homey sauce. Sure, Stella ate an ice cream cone, but she was wearing a wool jacket while she did it.  

Silver Palate's Spicy Tomato Sauce.

And THEN cook for three more hours! Delicious!

In Bernal Heights for a trip to the library with our new Nancy Drew aficionado, and the aforementioned ice cream.

There aren't very many nice things to say about any animal products anymore, but we are still tempted. We picked up a tiny Kobe steak to grill whenever it warms up (November?).

My number one favorite breakfast: Eggs scrambled with brown rice, Spam, avocado on toast. Sprinkle the entire plate with lime and salt. Yes.

Dinner at Chow on Church with Lucky and Irina. Is this a photo bomb? 

Never photograph people while they are eating. Never photograph people while they are eating. Never photograph people while they are eating. So many pictures of David, Lucky and Irina eating.

Dessert was very fall-like: ginger cake with pumpkin ice cream. Come on!

Lemons from "backyard Richard". 
The plan: Soak for three days, embed in salt, wait 30 days, have preserved lemons.

The actuality: Soak for six days, think every day about preserving the lemons, keep soaking.

A cutie eating an eggie sandwich.


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