round up: keeping grammie happy

Corner Blog started this summer as a replacement for the dozens of flickr photo albums I have sent out to friends since Stella was born, and as a way to track the day to day of our wonderful summer together. This post gets back to those roots, just keeping tabs on the kids and their goings-on. It keeps Grammie happy.

Stella walking home from school.

Oliver back in SF Music Together after taking the summer off. Pobrecito got steamrolled over by a bigger kid in class that morning and nearly got a concussion. 

Oh, hey, my brother got married! With four days notice, on Bailey Island, Maine. To Jenni, who was a beautiful bride. My poor mother and I were relegated to watching them wave at us on the property's webcam. It looked like a beautiful time. Congratulations, Tyler and Jenni!

Someone handed this bike down to Stella in May. We finally pumped the tires and put the training wheels on, and Stella took off like a shot. That's city living for you, though. Almost six and just getting on a bike.

Evening Spanish practice with dad.

Eating their favorite eggie sandwiches. 

Last minute preparations for my most recent show:
Giant ice cream sundae!!!
New loose pin curl technique!!! Gray hair abounds!!!
Just some of the backstage essentials!!!

Stella and Oliver cuddling.

A card for Stella's friend, Lucian.

Lower deck of the Bay Bridge.

Oliver walkin' around in the "muckers".

A GORGEOUS afternoon at Alta Vista playground with our friends Beth, Maddy and Dani (a.k.a. Maddydora and Danidora), followed by a fun evening out on Fillmore Street

Very good times!



  1. I love this last shot.....only in SF do you readily see 1st graders hanging out in front of a Rocky Horror marquee!


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