how to make easter egg piñatas (a.k.a. have you seen my eggs?)

Last Friday I posted a tutorial on how to make my egg piñatas at a very pretty blog called A Subtle Revelry. Here is the link to my tutorial, for which I did all of the photography. Since last Friday, these eggs have gone super-viral (over 1,000 pins on Pinterest from A Subtle Revelry at this writing!) and are popping up linking back to A Subtle Revelry from several other blogs. It's pretty wild.

Since I'm not really in the equation on all these pins and posts, I'm wanting to try to keep track of where my eggs show up. Here is a partial list of where they have popped up in the last few days:

antsy hands: PRETTY EGGS

Here are a few places where they have been featured this past week where it's clear the eggs were made by me:
A neat surprise!

This next one is really awesome. Mega-talented and beautiful Heather from super-beautiful Poppy Haus wrote a blog post about the eggs, and about me, and it was just what I needed to feel a lot better. Poppy Haus has been in my regular rotation since I connected with Heather at ALT, and I consider her a close friend and confidant. If you haven't been reading Poppy Haus already, please check it out!

Here's something else really cool. An Instagrammed photo from Meg of the gorgeous Anthology Magazine. She visited Rare Device yesterday and posted this photo (with 423 "hearts" at this writing-yay!).

If you happen see my egg piñatas anywhere else, I'd love to know. It's really interesting (and a little painful!) to watch them moving around the ether without anyone really knowing I made them. Such is the case when you're a contributor on someone else's blog. I learned this the hard way!

I'm still recuperating for all the things I did for our recent school auction (like this and these), as well as the egg installation, and am actually spending time with my family again. It feels like I just got home, like I've been away for a while but now I'm home and can sleep in my bed at a decent hour and play with the kids. Stella and I are having to work on getting acquainted again. She's flung herself so into reading that I'm actually putting limits on reading time until we can get closer. Spring break is next week, I hope that time will bring us back to where we were before. I can't wait!

So, that's it until next week. Have a great weekend, and thank you for reading! xoxo


  1. Congrats on going viral! Your project is amazing--I'm not surprised that it's so popular. Guess that's why so many advise to always watermark your photos, something I am very lax about doing, so definitely a do as other say and not as I do. :-)

    1. Thank you, Rita! The photos now have been tagged so if you hover over them they say my name. I don't know how to do that but I'd at least like to start doing that. I hate watermarks! Hopefully it won't come to that. :)

  2. Thank you for the thank you. I'm really thrilled to see your work out there!

  3. I saw your post on A Subtle Revelry and then I saw this tutorial on Oh Happy Day today: http://ohhappyday.com/2013/03/easter-egg-pinatas-diy/#comments

    It was like deja vu, but with no attribution to you. You probably already know about it but I hadn't seen anyone post your blog about it.

    1. I did see, and have written a note to Jordan of Oh Happy Day to remind her of some communications we had last year about the eggs. I'm sure the eggs were all their own doing, as we're all thinking of eggs right now for Easter. But yeah, the two tutorials are a lot alike. Thank you for letting me know, though. The plot thickens.

  4. Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I can totally understand that it's painful to see your work floating around uncredited, but some - like me - will always find their way to you. I believe that instead of putting ugly watermarks on everything it's time for a little more respect and etiquette when it comes to pinning and posting other people's ideas. A tiny link makes a big difference and who doesn't understand that definitely lacks respect for creatives. btw, I found you via fluxi on tour, a german girl living in san francisco who did a post about rare device (and included a link to you and your blog!) http://www.fluxiontour.com/2013/04/shop-stop-rare-device.html

    1. Hi Lena. Thank you for your thoughtful comment, as well as sending me that link, that post is really great. I totally hear you on the etiquette. This was a case of misunderstanding of each other's styles and needs, and a good lesson to learn!

      I want to tell you, I just looked at your blog and it is beautiful. You have such a way with Instagram! I just started using Feedly as a blog reader and will be adding your blog tonight, it's really wonderful (and anything with snow catches my eye immediately). :)


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