We spent the weekend away in Point Reyes Station in our beloved yurt rental. We were there in January for my birthday weekend, and the light is so much different now than earlier in the year. It was a beautiful time. One of those places where you forget about everything, and there is no internet (to our knowledge) or phone. We have to get a piece of something like this of our own. Just a piece of land to "build a slab on", as David likes to say.

I thought a lot about my age this weekend, and how I really am much older than I feel. The bathroom mirror in the yurt is harsh. I remember what it's like living in a rural setting. You can't go out in the day in full makeup like you can in San Francisco. It'll be really hard not to just fade into the woodwork physically when we do one day realize our dream of country living. It really made me think. I love tapping back into nature, it goes right to my soul. My main thoughts this weekend were about how to bridge the gap between two different lifestyles. When we leave the city one day, I don't want to leave my youth and what is left of my looks behind in this chapter of my life that has been so fulfilling in so many ways for me. That's what was on my narcissistic mind after David and I ate a big platter of oysters and talked about "building our slab" Saturday night.

We spent an hour hanging out in Point Reyes Books on Saturday morning. I found Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon and devoured it. I know I have at least a few friends who would really benefit from it. I was dog-earing way too many pages, there is so much good stuff in there. So many times I have not put pen to paper in fear I will just imitate the work of others. In a tiny, tiny nutshell, the author gives permission for you to imitate and emulate the work you love, the people you love, the lives you love, so that one day they will filter through you enough to become your own. Writing your own sequel is my favorite idea in the book. Writing the movie you want to see. It is a fantastic book. I feel like it has roots in The Artist's Way, which I have done, but this feeling of freedom I have after reading it is even more meaningful. I am sure this is not the best synopsis of the book, but I urge you to read it!

A few shots from our trip. The fog was fiercer over Tomales Bay than in San Francisco. That's summer in the Bay Area for you. 

A morning rabbit sighting!


  1. Looks wonderful.

    By the way, Stella's feet are totally catching up to yours. (;

  2. Look at that rabbit's ears! Sounds like a wonderful time! Going to check out that book!

    1. As an artist I think you will absolutely love that book, Ann!


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