how to blow out easter eggs.....

.....using a NASAL ASPIRATOR! Brilliant, I know. This thing has been floating around the kitchen cabinets for over six years and is finally getting some use. 

We're decorating eggs this weekend, but I got way ahead of the game late this afternoon and not only boiled a dozen or so eggs, but blew out a dozen or so eggs as well. 

I'm all excited to decorate the blown out ones. I was all ready to start decorating tonight, got all our crepe paper and dye out, but it's cutting it too close. I need to chill tonight. So eggcited to try this idea I have using pastel and spring-y crepe paper. That's AT LEAST the second time I've used "eggcited" here, surely won't be the last. 

On to the eggs. For the best results, use an upholstery needle, which I just happened to have.

Using a gentle but firm twisting motion, put a hole in the fat end (bottom) of the egg. It should be just large enough to be able to insert a bamboo or metal skewer.

Using the same technique, make a single hole in the top of the egg, again with the upholstery needle.

By the way, how do you like that new nail polish?
It's called "June" and it looks like a Creamsicle.

Next, grab a skewer of some sort, and through the bigger hole in the bottom of the eggshell, break the yolk and scramble the egg within the shell. This allows for smoother sailing when blowing out the egg.

Now the fun/gross part. The blowing. Secure the aspirator (or your lips?) over the small hole at the top of the egg and start blowing over a large bowl. All the contents of the egg should come out with, I dunno, eight to fifteen squeezes of the aspirator.

Afterwards, run the eggshell under water and try to get a little water inside, then blow a few more times. Rinse again and then dry gently with a towel.

First the good news. Beautiful, empty blank canvasses, ready to be decorated.

Then the bad news, a whole lot of raw scrambled egg of dubious quality. We debated freezing these, but I'm ashamed to say they got flushed in the end.

I have to tell you, that was REALLY EASY. You should totally do it. And if you end up discarding the raw, blown out egg like we did, feel bad, but comfort yourself in knowing that you will be able to now create Easter eggs that last for DECADES, not just until you devil them!

Looking forward to showing off our eggs next week, if they come out the way I've envisioned. Happy weekend!


  1. I can't wait to see what you do with the eggs! You're so creative and talented!
    Yeah, the yellow's didn't look to appetizing.
    Love the polish!
    How's your show coming along?

    1. Hi Holly! Thanks for all the sweet compliments! The show is coming along well, my solo act is a week from this Tuesday. Getting nervous.

      We worked on the eggs for several hours today, will hopefully have up tomorrow!

  2. hey what will you do with the eggs??..its pretty cool and very creative..you've got a lot of wonderful ideas..thanks for sharing..

    1. You're welcome, "scramble with friends cheat".

  3. we always blew our eggs when i was growing up in finland. my mom, she has a bout a 1000, yup that's right about 1000 eggs she has blown and decorated. they are stunning! each is like a piece of art. some she has painted with watercolours or acrylics, or markers or pencil crayons, but my fave egg is the one she used a soft pencil to colour. just a pencil. stunning!
    blown eggs are lovely. i can't wait to start doing it with my kids one day too. they're still too wee. looking forward to seeing pictures of what you produce.

    1. Finland. WOW. Somewhere I've always wanted to visit. And 1,000 eggs? That's amazing! I didn't use pencil on any of the eggs today, but that is a lovely idea. You should do a post on your mother's collection!

  4. Can't wait to see the finished eggs and the aspirator was a brilliant idea. This is kind of random but you reminded me of making my baby egg in Child Care in high school. The name Child Care was misleading, it should have been titled, Teen Pregnancy Discouraged. The first half of the semester was about birth control and lies guys tell you about how you actually get pregnant. The second half was making our "baby" out of an egg, a basket for it and then carrying it with us everywhere we went for the rest of the semester. My baby survived tennis practice and her favorite babysitter while I went to get my lunch was a wrestler who was only eating raw veggies to make weight so stayed behind while the rest of us stood in the cafeteria line.

    Sorry, random!

    1. Random and very funny! I've heard of that, might've even had to do it myself, I just can't remember! Or maybe I just had a Tamagotchi.

      I definitely wouldn't have been as excited about trying this blown egg thing had I not thought of the aspirator idea!

  5. These are egg-citing! I wonder if I still have an aspirator somewhere... Thanks for the how to - very helpful - always wanted to try this!

    1. We have two of those things, which for some reason we've always stored in with the wine and cocktail glasses(?). Finally put to good use, man do kids hate it when you try to use those things on them. Am I right? :)

  6. Leslie -topic- What to do with all of those egg yolks? 3-5-2012

    I have a very traditional Easter reciepe,(most likely slovock or russion)that my family CAN'T go without every Easter. It turns out, that most people don't find it very appealing after reading the reciepe, but I assure you, EVERYBODY LOVES IT!!! My family traditionally puts in an Easter basket, along with other traditional foods, to be blessed the saturday before Easter. Altough, I have found that this is a very rare ad ethnic tradition a well. On to the reciepe....

    EGG CHEESE (contains no cheese what-so-ever)
    1 cup water
    2 cups milk (skim, 2%, whole-whatever u drink or have in the house)
    2 1/2 tsp. sugar
    1 tsp. salt

    (please keep in mind that I broke every little step down for you, this reciepe is NOT complicated!!!)

    1) Beat eggs in a bowl (3 at a time works best)
    2) Add water, milk, sugar and salt
    3) Pour in a double broiler (although i have found other reciepes online that cook the egg cheese in a nonstick pan)
    4) As it comes to a boil, the eggs will scramble
    5) Continue to cook until all of the egg mixture is scrambled; reduce heat if you feel it is necessary or sticking to pot/pan
    6) Double line a strainer with cheese cloth and empty eggs into the strainer
    7) Pull edges o cheesse cloth together so thst the eggs are in a ball, and twist the cheese cloth at the top (this will strain any excess water and give shape to the egg cheese as it cools)***IT SHOULD COOL INTO THE SHAPE OF AN OVAL/BALL***
    8) Tie or clip the cheese cloth so that it will stay twisted
    9) Allow to cool
    10) Chill/Refridgerate
    ** The egg cheese is suppose to be served cold, but some people like it warm
    ** My family perfers it cold with a little table salt ontop of our piece(s)

    1. That sounds REALLY good! I'd want to use a nasal aspirator that was brand new out of the box, which mine wasn't, next time so I don't get too queasy about the eggs! :)


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