just scraping the surface of 24th street

Boy is time flying by lately, and you know it's going to keep on rolling that way until the new year. I just found these nice photos of an evening out on 24th Street in the Mission from late September. Dinner at La Torta Gorda for some corn fungus quesadillas,  and another trip to the 24th and York Street Mini Park, where we had been earlier in the day with our friends Maya and Hunter. Maya and I had taken the boys with us for some thrifting and to play in the water at the park, and I realized how little time I spend down that way anymore. Stella's preschool was not too far from this part of the Mission, so David and I used to hang out at so many of the cafés down there with newborn Oliver, particularly Haus and sugarlump, both wonderful environments for working and reading, and of course, Philz, be it ever so grungy. And Dynamo Donuts and Coffee, and the not too far away Atlas Café on 20th, also a great place to work, if a little loud. Those are just the ones I've been to. There are so many more. 

It was a balmy on this night at the end of a hot, hot day. Oliver got right back in the water, this time fully clothed. That little guy is SO entertaining!

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