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Today was a very lazy day. Not as lazy as the beginning of summer vacation, as time is ticking away and I feel the urgency of doing all the things we wanted to do. But lazy enough to enjoy our breakfast, try to make some fortune cookies (which ended up tasting like sweet, burned pancakes) with some hilarious fortunes cooked up by Stella, who doesn't really get the concept, and play a game of Quirkle. Oliver was patient, so we let him come up and destroy the game when we were done. Looks like he might've been howling about it.

Before afternoon swim class I started working on an idea I had last night. To move that giant bookcase behind Oliver into the living room, and to move the piano where the bookcase had stood. I have to say, it was pretty easy. Even the single-handed dragging of our +/-350 lb. piano wasn't too, too hard. When I get an idea like this in my head, nothing can stop me. I was inspired! It was a purge of the last few months of juggling family life with choreography and costume making, and all the other things we do. It felt good.

Aforementioned bookcase in new locale.

On the walk home after swim class we stopped for a little treat, and ran into this public chalkboard on Divisadero. Stella understood the idea of making a community improvement recommendation only slightly more than she understood writing a fortune, so we had a good laugh.


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