time out

Oliver got me up at the ungodly hour of 6:00 this morning. Combined with another late night sewing session, this snowballed into me not being able to climb out of my jammies for the entire day. 

David worked for a few hours on editing the music for my act coming up in a week and a half, and restrung and played his bass, and played a few duets with me. Then he hooked up the old cassette deck and we listened to music from the 80's. His 80's: Spanish pop music from his time in Madrid, myriad sevillanas variations, his own personal rock bands, some Pat Metheny. It was crazy! 

In the afternoon I made some macaroons, tempeh Reubens, and some really good French onion soup. A chilled out day like this is necessary for the whole family every now and then. Living in San Francisco, you can feel like you're missing out on the millions of things to do here if you don't open the front door all day. But it's okay.

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