We've been socializing so much over the last two weeks or so. It really comes in waves. Imagine if the weather was warm and compelled us to leave the house? We'd never be alone!

One of my dearest, most life-saving-est pals Gelsomina came to San Francisco to see the show and spend 24 hours with our family and away from hers. It was such a delight. 

After all the post-performance excitement for me, and very little sleep for all of us, I couldn't bear to cook breakfast. Instead we took a walk and had a lovely breakfast right near Duboce Park, then stopped at the playground for the kiddos.

Here is Gelsomina at the Scott Street Labyrinth. Oliver and Stella followed her around and around and around.

We were lucky to have her to ourselves all day, until she left after dinner for a flamenco class in the city. We met in flamenco class. I love her. So do the kids!

The next day was another day of recovery. I just crashed after the months of preparation. I know a new project will come along to take it's place almost immediately, that's just how I operate. So I welcome the crashes, and as always, thank David and my lucky stars, and these patient children, for the luxury to do so.

I couldn't even rally to cook dinner for our good friend David. I always try out a new recipe on him: Milk Chicken, whole chicken cooked in a giant pot of tomato sauce, homemade pop tarts, whatever. This night, he got Bus Stop Pizza, bless his heart. 

We drank some strong beer, had a nice dinner, and then before bed Oliver and Stella (and I) had the pleasure of hearing these two Davids make lots of noises with their iPhones. These photos look so antisocial, but really these two were having a lot of fun putting on a little concerto for the kids, and of course there was some rapping. weak sauce.


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