looking for a sign

I've spent almost a week upgrading the auction signage I did last year for Stella's school auction, which is coming up again this Sunday. Tired, tired, tired, but I've been having some fun drawing up the new offerings. I'm into it. BOOM. 

As I've been drawing these up, I've been doing a sort of meditating on how much work I have done in the last few years for no pay. I've been able to work on so many things and put them here to share, but for the most part haven't made a dime. It's crazy, actually. It has made me think I might want to branch out and find a way to do the things I do here while getting paid to do them. Like, keep working on developing papel SF and the work I want to do with that, but I don't know, maybe work for an ad agency or something? Somewhere where I can do my thing and bounce from one project to the next and just let it flow? When you have a blog (and are taking good care of it) you are always thinking way ahead, as new ideas tend to beget more new ideas, and I've got that flow going now. Wouldn't it be nice to turn it into a little coin?!

Deep thoughts. There's always architorture architecture to fall back on.

These babies have set me back several days on the work I'm doing for my show, so back to work for me. Tomorrow I'm headed out early in the morning with a giant dahlia to meet up with the crazy talented and inspired Sarah Deragon, who is going to take some promotional shots for the show and my papel SF identity for the forseeable future. I'm excited to get out of this house and to work with Sarah, and I'll share those here (of course I will) as soon as I get them.

Have a wonderful weekend! 


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