six donuts for thanksgiving or chanukah (but maybe not thanksgivukah)

I have a basic understanding of what kosher dietary laws are, but with the confluence of Chanukah and Thanksgiving this year I imagine it might be confusing for many to plan a Thanksgiving meal for a Jewish and non-Jewish guest list.

That said, I've picked out six of the most holiday and seasonally appropriate donut recipes I've made so far. I will leave it up to you to decide which can be served where, but they are all fantastic! Happy cooking!

With a little time and very few ingredients, each guest can have their own cranberry jelly ring with their Thanksgiving meal. Garnish with dried or fresh cranberries, a sprig of rosemary or some pomegranate seeds sprinkled on top.

This recipe makes enough challah rings for all eight days of Chanukah. A perfect breakfast for Thanksgiving guest as well. So good with jelly!

These are adorable. Make them with plain or composite butter. Curry and anchovy are my favorites, but maybe a salty sage butter for your Thanksgiving table?

These are so good, and so fun. You can prepare them way ahead of time and throw them in the oven right before serving. A great finger food before your meal.

Did you know you can save 2-4 hours on your matzoh ball soup time by coddling the dough in the donut pans for a few minutes instead of having to wait for them to set up in the refrigerator before cooking in the soup? Brilliant. I've heard talk of replacing the chicken stock for turkey in this recipe for a more Thanksgivukah-tasting soup. Sounds good to me.

We are smack dab in the middle of persimmon season in northern California. This recipe uses the ripest, most jelly-like Hachiya persimmons you can find. These pudding donuts are so delicious. They would be a perfect dessert for Thanksgiving, a total contender against pumpkin pie. I really mean it.

Happy Chanukah or Thanksgiving and/or Thanksgivukah to all of you! 



  1. Oh my gosh... at least one of each pleasie!

    1. I wish I could've only have one of each! You know who eats all of those after they are photographed, don't you? THIS GIRL! It's a blessing and a curse. :)


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