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Oh em gee, I did it! Did anyone catch my online class Friday morning on creativeLIVE? I lived through the experience and came out the other side a little more confident in parts of me, like the fact that I know what I'm doing and am pretty good at what I do, and a little sad about other parts of me, like the fact I am undeniably middle aged now. I am that person who has to face that I have a face inside a face now. Total bummer, and it took being on camera to see that, it's not apparent to me when I look in the mirror. Sad violin.  

Setting up for the second segment.

I was feeling nothing but absolute horror right until I walked onstage Friday morning. Thursday night I told David I was "going solemn", which is something I do whenever we're driving to the Elbo Room for a burlesque performance or even before some of my real-life classes. I get really quiet and nothing can make me smile. It's just how I cope with extreme nervousness. With the help of the sweet and talented woman doing makeup, whose name eludes me right now, I was able to keep my head from exploding backstage before the broadcast. Also, getting there early enough to set everything up for the studio audience who were crafting along with me was key to my keeping it together.

The hosts, John Kennedy O'Connor and Jamarie Milkovic were amazing. They made me feel right at home and took great care of me on camera, as did the producers, and the four great women who were working on the project in the studio audience. So sweet and forgiving of any mistakes I made (like when I knocked the tree of my ornaments over in the first segment!).

JKO was a great sport and an excellent person to have by my side!

While I was working, I got a chance to talk a little about how I "avoid" finding inspiration, how I waited a long time for something to come to me that I really wanted to do, and I got to touch on the "craft vs. art" argument, which I would like to sort out in my own work and mind one day. 

Jamarie and I having fun in the second segment with our matching dahlia headpieces.

If you would like to download the class (for a fee, but worth it) to use in the future, you can find that information here

What fun I had once I got going. It's really the anticipation of anything that kills me. Once I jump in I always know how to swim, and I'm grateful for that. I'm sure if you ever speak publicly you can relate!


  1. Congratulations, Tiffanie! You are so brilliant and beautiful. It is so nerve-wracking and humbling to be on camera, but it looks like you did it with your usual finesse! It is so fantastic to get a window seat in watching you succeed and succeed.

    1. You are a doll, Tangled Lou! It is so great to still be in touch with people who all knew each other when we first got started here online. I appreciate your support so much. It is exciting to have momentum after so many years of trying to find something that would "work". xoxoxoxo!


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