noodling around

I've been noodling around with my papers the last few days, trying to see if I can add anything new to my repertoire. Saturday I remembered I had a big bag of tassels I had bought for various burlesque costumes in my newly clean supply closet. Turns out they are perfect for making stamens for crepe paper flowers! I've been using the tassel-y ends as well as the knotted ends for different flowers, trying not to be too realistic and also not too fantastical. I think they add a great touch, especially for a headpiece. I'm working on foxglove hybrids and big fuschias that can dangle near the ears and little dogwood blossoms with tassels hanging off the backs. Love 'em.

I had a professor in architecture school named Mark Mistur. The most valuable thing Mark taught me was that the act of drawing can lead to design. The pen moving across the tracing paper can inform you just as much as if you had sat down to draw an idea you had in your head already. Your hands can lead the act of design just as your head can.

I can't believe how many new (not all good, by the way) little ideas I came up with this weekend just by playing. Good advice.

Note: The tassels are from Etsy seller TibetanSilverNMore.


  1. I just love your flowers. At first I thought they were real. I saw some tuts to make paper flowers but not as good as yours...


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