a thank you and a discount!

Hi everyone, happy Friday!

Before I return to business as usual, I wanted to thank everyone who pinned and blogged about my giant peonies over the last few weeks. I felt like I left for vacation with a bang, but I never imagined there would be this much buzz about those massive blooms. So, thank you! It's an awesome feeling knowing I created something that so many people are excited about, and I really appreciate all the sharing!

I have a little something for you, no strings attached. I heard from Mike of Carte Fini while I was on vacation. I order about half of the paper I use for my egg piƱatas and floral projects from Carte Fini. Mike's a really cool guy and was excited about the peonies, too! He is generously offering 15% off of all Carte Fini paper products ordered through his Carte Fini shop from now until next Friday, August 9th at midnight! Just click HERE for the shop and use the code "cornerblog15" at checkout. The papers are magnificent and you should stock up! I know you want to make your own peonies, right? There is so much you can do with this amazing paper. I've really just scratched the surface with my work!

Expires Friday, August 9th at midnight!

Mike has also offered to provide me with a big load of paper for my personal work (I've got another fun project coming soon, one that will look so good hanging on the wall in your living room). IN ADDITION to that, he will be providing a lot of the paper I need for my upcoming paper flower headpiece workshop at Makeshift Society here in San Francisco (sign up HERE, be patient, it's a slow link). Super generous! This frees me up to buy more glue guns and glue, barrettes and bands, supplemental paper, and of course a little booze for the class. I feel so lucky and honored! In my two-plus years of blogging I've never been offered anything like this before, so I'm thrilled. Thank you Mike and Carte Fini!

Please make sure you sign up for the workshop soon if you are interested, so that all that paper doesn't go to waste! I think I need at least four attendees or the class will be cancelled.

Finally, I have only heard back from one of the many people who were so eager to purchase a peony or two. I went ahead and put them in my Etsy shop (click HERE). I would be BEYOND delighted to sell them. If my next year was all about making giant peonies while Oliver starts preschool, I would be the happiest camper.

Have a great weekend, friends! Thank you for everything. Go buy some paper and make something fun!



  1. Do you have any plans to create a downloadable tutorial for your headpiece flowers? Living in FL I can't make it to SF for your workshop. :)

    1. Hi Jeanne,

      I will probably do something about it, I think. Actually I hadn't thought about it, but good idea! I pretty much document my every move here, so most likely, YES! :)


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