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Nice, right? I have spent this week immersed in all things book writing and bookmaking. I have been preparing a workbook for my roundtable at the Alt Design Summit with the help of my absolutely saintly friend Anna of Dutch Door Press. I banged out a set of business cards through MOO.com after talking with this extremely wise lady a few weeks ago about who I am, and about not pigeonholing myself with donuts and piƱatas and the like, not yet. AND, speaking of donuts, I JUST sent off my demo donut pan book to blurb.com. I had a trial by fire day today learning to use the bookmaking software and at the same time learning some hard lessons about photography and photo quality, but the fact that I didn't turn to a man and ask him to do it for me is a big deal for me in the computing department. I have been super unhinged all week with the nerves of the unknown of the conference coming up, but as I start to grind through these tasks I can feel mental stability returning (she types at three a.m.).

I made this demo book because there will be Chronicle Books and Random House folks at the conference (I think they are scheduled to be collecting book ideas during the very hour I am hosting my roundtable), and I thought donut shaped everything would be easier to talk about with a visual. It's a far cry from what I could do with an editor, but it's a start. Here's my favorite part, from the back jacket flap:

It's awesome.

And, now to the winner of the third donut pan giveaway! Chosen at random with an online random number generator, the winner is:

commenter #8:

I happen to know Sonya (I happen to "know" most of the commenters here, really). Not in person, but we've become friends over the last few years online. She is into real, good food and has a great blog called eatartword where she takes the time to taste, inspect and ponder just little bits of food at a time, like an egg. Or a turnip. It's a peaceful read. Congratulations, Sonya!

Email me your mailing address and I'll let Wilton know to send you the pans, and I'll be mailing you a little gift, too! :)

Have a great weekend, everyone! xoxo


  1. :| <-- this face should say it all. I hope Sonya enjoys her donut pans. I doubt she will as much as I would have.

    JK! JK! Congratulations Sonya! :)

    And the book is going to be AWESOME, woman! :)

    1. Thank you, Miss Sara! I owe you some Christmas donuts, by the way. Christmas in July? Thank you for all of your support! xo

  2. That book is going to be amazing! Congrats on making the book.

    And congrats to Sonya for winning the doughnut pans!

    1. Thank you so much, Johny! You are so nice to congratulate the winner, too! Thank you for reading, it's nice to see your name here. :)

  3. Woo HOO! You made my day, Tiffanie. Thank you SO much. Eight has always been my lucky number ;)
    I'll be putting those pans to very good use! Can't wait.
    Congrats on finishing the Blurb book and wishing you fabulous things at the conference.
    xoxo Sonya
    p.s. Moo cards are awesome. I love them so much I have worked with the company at various conferences!

    1. I'm so glad you're happy, Sonya! I saw your email and will follow up with everything at the beginning of next week. I actually discovered your "other" blog last night, can't believe I hadn't peeked around there enough to find it before. So awesome!

      I made my architectural business cards with Moo years ago and again these new ones. They have great customer service, too. Love them! I had thought about letterpress cards but I don't have a great logo yet and would've have been worth it at this point, maybe in the future.


    2. Tiffanie,
      Sounds great. Thanks for taking a look at my other blog, I'm glad you like it.
      Letterpress cards (eventually) sound beautiful. I too had some and would like to get another batch - there's nothing like them.
      Good luck with everything that's on your plate right now!
      xo Sonya

      p.s. Thanks, Sarah and Johny!

    3. Emailing you right now. You are the sweetest, thanking the other commenters. :)

  4. I'm so glad that you were able to complete the book. I really can't wait to see it at Alt. Well done, Tiffanie!

    1. Hey Maggie! Thank you so much for the coaching and help, it turned into a really fun thing to do. See you next week!


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