class clown

Oliver came to Stella's classroom birthday party a few weeks ago. He was so well behaved and fit right in among the second graders. They all ate the birthday treats we baked, and then it was time for show and tell, or "Share", as Stella's teacher calls it. And then shit got really funny. REALLY funny. He was hamming it up big time while Stella was "sharing" him, and then when he turned and threw a big stuffed elephant up onto the podium after Stella was finished, all the kids lost it. They were laughing so hard at this strange long haired baby, who said with a total straight face, "This is an elephant. He has a tail. I'm outta here!", and then marched away. I was crying I was laughing so hard. I'm laughing to myself right here, alone in the middle of the night just looking at these photos. He did it again after another of Stella's classmates finished her share. This guy LOVES to get a laugh, he is such a clown. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Looks like he had loads of fun. Stella is growing up so fast and she's so pretty, Tiffanie!

    P.S. We're linking up again, would love it if you joined.

    1. He was the fun, for sure. I was out of town but I will check in on the link up next week, thanks!

  2. oh, tiffanie! these pictures are incredible! oliver is the cutest ever, and is darling, what a duo you have! lucky mama!


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