showtime: red hots burlesque, el rio, september 21, 2012

All photos by Johnny Crash Photography.

As I've mentioned before, last Friday was my first time on stage at El Rio in San Francisco with Red Hots Burlesque, run by the lovely Miss Dottie Lux. I was merely a stage kitten, running around gathering cast off boas and bras, trench coats and oversized, purple-glitter-covered fire hydrants. I was more nervous than usual until I got in the door, then I was just fine. Actually I was more than fine, I was giddy. I was the star-struckiest, goofiest lady there! I met The World Famous *BOB* backstage and spoke with her for a bit. She is a sweet, sweet woman who does so much positive body image work, both on stage and off. It was an honor to pick up her heels after her act. Her act was so much VAVAVOOM! I love acts that really dance and move like hers did. She was incredible! Here she is on the left of this photo taken after the show.

Back row: The World Famous *BOB*, Alotta Boutte, Pickles Kintaro, Dottie Lux, me (Yve Jobs!)
Front row: Lucky audience member, Honey Lebang
Floor: Pearl E. Gates

I loved all of the performances! I had never seen Honey Lebang perform before, but she was terrific. It's was a nice little show that threw a huge punch. Dottie calls her world of burlesque the Pink Bubble. Yay for the Pink Bubble!

It's been too long, three months to be exact, since my last showtime post. Boo! I'm getting really excited for my October shows. I listen to the track I'm performing to (this one) five or six times a day as I race up the Panhandle to pick Stella up every afternoon. With each listen, I figure out how to tweak something here or there so it will be even better than the last time I performed it. That process can start out so frustrating, but if you go over and over it in your mind, eventually the act can take a turn you didn't even know was coming. I'm so into it!

I'm also thrilled to have a new place to perform. I just can't wait. I've absolutely LOVED performing with Bombshell Betty for the last two years and I jump at any chance to fit one of my acts into her shows, but it's also great to have somewhere to show my old stuff where no one's seen it before. Yay for me!

Have a great weekend everyone. I'll be back with more donuts and kiddos next week. This weekend Stella and I have a ladies' date to see a play and I really can't wait.

Tiffanie (AKA Yve Jobs)


  1. you are one sassy & sexy stage kitten! sounds like it was a fantastic evening. love the group shot, everyone looks incredible!

    1. Thanks, lady! It was super fun. I am so honored to be in one of those Red Hots group photos! :)

  2. more please! xo Dottie


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