round up: spring is here at last

The last few weeks have seemed like a blur. Do you know the feeling of anticipating something (in this case, preparing to throw a party and three days later perform in a burlesque show) so much that you can't fully be in the moment, because you are working toward another more specific and calculated moment? And then after that, the feeling of the absence of that anticipation, which is just bliss? That's where I am right now. Even though Tease-O-Rama is next week, I'm back. Next week's show is a controlled situation which I am so excited to play a part in, but I'm not required to design it or direct it. So I am back. It's so nice!

Over the last few weeks, amid menu planning and choreographing my Easter act, we managed to squeeze in some quality time (and some more rhinestoning). Stella was on spring break a few weeks ago, and besides a trip to the snow and a trip to the dentist to have her first two (shark) teeth pulled, it was a mellow affair. I am really looking forward to the end of school this year. I'll probably start picking up projects in the fall, so this summer will be our last hurrah for a while, as far as playing it fast and loose and relaxed like this.

A new breakfast favorite. Eggs in a nest, but with truffle oil, Parmesan cheese, and cracked pepper.

The Easter Bunny brought Oliver this wonderful little round blanket by Little Red Stuga.
He loves to pretend he is a "ghost robot" under it. I love it because it reminds me of the kachinas I've
seen around some of the pueblos of northern New Mexico, places that are near and dear to David and I.

 Stella got to join Oliver and I at our music class. I love it when she can come with.

 Along with the piñata eggs I made, we did dye eggs the super-simple grocery store way.

I did have to make a few more fancy eggs for gifts.
One of these above is for my dear Bombshell Betty, the other one I mailed to new acquaintance/
inspiration Lisa Congdon (check out her work, you'll see why her piñata is white and hot pink).

Speaking of hot pink, check out the advertisement on the side of that Muni
bus for the current Gaultier exhibit at the de Young!

And, speaking of rhinestones, my ballet flats for the water ballet act for Tease-O-Rama are finished!
Aren't they pretty?

The top of my dresser overfloweth with pretty right now!

 Both kids got ukes from the Easter Bunny. These things are incredibly easy to play,
and no one can put theirs down for too long.

Flowers from her dad in Stella's kitchen.

Oliver and I have been having some fun since Stella went back to school. Fooling around, pretending to camp with banana slugs, learning to scoot and fake-fishing in the park. It's almost time to start complaining about the weather again, but I won't. That's what summer's for, around here.


  1. a drumming circle!!!!!!! I love all the sparklies!

  2. Great pictures!!! A Full Life!

  3. I love everything in this post, don't know where to begin. There is the egg nest truffle parm (OMG...I need to find the "mushroom" guy at the Maui swap meet cause I heard his truffle oil is amazing and now I know what to make with it). I love the sparkly egg and ballet slippers. The pic of the kiddos in dance class is a keeper.

    You really do lead a full life as Ann said.

    1. Thanks, Tania! It is easy for me to do all this because I'm not working right now. Just wait until I start up again....will this blog even be able to exist, let alone living a "full" life? I hope so! :)


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