art for your ear

It's been forever since I wrote here, again. I have been busy, VERY busy. I'm on a plane right now returning from eight AMAZING days at an artist residency in New Hampshire, where I had an entire GIANT, beautiful barn all to myself. It was incredible. I go so much done. I documented it all on my Instagram account (@tiffanieturner) if you'd like to see. It was truly a highlight of my life.

While I was there I recorded a podcast with my friend Danielle, aka The Jealous Curator, for her Art for your Ear series. We talked about what I'm up to (A LOT), how I got started and what's coming next. I loved doing it, and I've been getting some nice feedback on it. If you like to take a listen, you can find it HERE. And for all of the rest of this series, go HERE. There are so many fantastic and inspiring conversations.

More soon! xoxo

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