i'm still here

Hi, it's been a while. I took a few weeks off in July and August. We took a road trip to Portland and Washington, which was lovely, and I spent some serious time focusing on the kids, which was much needed. Now they are are back in school (so sad), and I'm back to work.

I just finished up a new tutorial for Carte Fini, so look for that soon. I had a very successful sale with One Kings Lane in mid-August and was one of their featured San Francisco artists. I talked about some of my favorite San Francisco spots. You can read that here, if you're so inclined. This week I am trying to finish a commission for someone who has been patiently waiting since May, pulling together Oliver's birthday plans (he's turning five!), doing some major "renovations" around here that make our place so much more livable (a dining table!), getting my photo taken by Chloe Aftel (exciting!) and probably a lot more things than I can remember right now. Next week I'm trying to keep my slate clear to finish up every single grant and residency application I am looking at, all somehow due right around the same day. Then it's on to workshop season! I'll make some more announcements soon, but right now you can see and register for all of my fall and winter workshops here.

What else? I'm starting to enjoy running, very much actually, but when I'm in the thick of working it's very hard to get out there, and now the days are getting shorter. Still looking to find a great routine. Somehow, the way we reorganized our flat recently has bought me a little more time. I have a place to keep my work now while we eat, and I think it's just easier to clean now, so that's great. I'll figure it all out soon. Just feeling lucky to have this life right now, as always. 

I'll be back soon with that new tutorial. Have a great week!


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