what i: heart(s) on my sleeve

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! I'm hanging out at home working away, trying not to eat all the kids' chocolates. I'm looking forward to a night in tonight with David and a bottle of wine, and a date night out tomorrow night, too. Poor Oliver thought today was going to be more of a celebration than it was and was pretty disappointed in the "short holiday" after he got his box of chocolates this morning. Spoiled rotten. I filled his pockets with tiny crepe paper hearts for him to toss all over his classmates during their Friday hike. I hope he does it.

Today I am wearing an awesome red cotton Hawaiian shift dress with tiny white hearts all over it that I bought at a thrift shop years ago and always forget I own. I am also wearing my newest pair of clogs (purchased on sale here) which replace the blue ones I have worn down to splinters. Hot stuff.

I am taking the weekend off from working nonstop to do some serious mom-ming and wife-ing. Have a great weekend and lovely Valentine's Day! 


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