showtime: history repeating, elbo room, may 14, 2013

Last week I had fun performing our "History Repeating" act with the Showgirl Chorus. It's a heavily Bob Fosse-inspired piece choreographed by the one and only Bombshell Betty. We had a ball. I always feel a little empty if I don't do a solo piece at a show, but I filled the void by drinking a few stiff margaritas and stuffing my face with chips when I came offstage, because there is NO FOOD IN THE MISSION after 10:00 on a Tuesday night! Boo. Anyway, it was a great show. The crowd was huge and ready to laugh, which is always awesome. I can't wait until next month when we'll be performing as half men/half women and I MIGHT be reprising my flamenco act if I can fine tune it to fit the theme of the June show, which is "taboo".

Here are the ladies of the current Showgirl Chorus, representing different eras of fashion. I'm dressed as sort of a 50's teenybopper, but really it's all about THE PONYTAIL for me. My friend Maya, a.k.a. Mama Fou, a.k.a Fulbright scholar, a.k.a. founder and fearless leader of the incredible Fou Fou Ha, gave me a few of these hairpieces last year. One I turned into my removable braid for my Frida act, the other one has been sitting in a drawer. Until now. Now it is the M.V.P. in my entire arsenal of burlesque costuming. I LOVE THE PONYTAIL. I really didn't want to take it out when I got home. My own hair, on that blessed day it gets that long again, will never look as healthy and strong as that fake ponytail does, but it sure has me excited for my hair to be longer again.

It's pretty hard to stay away from the photo booth at Elbo Room when I've got my face (and hair) on, so of course, these.

No action shots from this show that I know of, unfortunately. I forgot to give my camera to someone. Hopefully something will show up, but in the meantime there are a few stills from when we performed this act back in December 2011 here. So cute.

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