a simple exercise

I like to see my posts on my own news reader wedged between two of my favorite blogs, the ethereal ledansla and the enviable The Jealous Curator. I think of it as a form of creative visualization. Me and what I do and how I spend my time, sandwiched between the most beautiful photos of everyday life you could ask for and a treasure trove of amazing and current art. It might just be me, but I find this is a good quality control measure for what I put in this blog. If I get a little flutter in my chest when I pick up my phone and open my reader, that's how I know I've done authentic writing and photography I'm proud of. And if it feels lesser than what I see above and below, I adjust my attitude again regarding what I post, to try to keep it at the level that makes my heart flutter.

While I am an absolute, time-tested believer in "comparison is the thief of joy", this type of comparison, quick and to the point, helps keep me above board. It's more apples to oranges, but works for me.

Note: This particular post barely makes the grade itself, but I did want to share this little exercise, in case anyone could relate!

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